भोला सा बच्चा

खामोश मासूम भोला सा
बच्चा अब बड़ा हो गया है,
झुंझुलाहट उलझन नासमझी
अब नहीं है उसमें,
पहले पूछता था
क्या करूँ कहा जाऊँ,
सुनता था
जो कहा जाता था,
अगर उसपे गुस्सा हो
समझ कर पास आता था,
अपने प्यार की परछाईयों
में खुश रहता था,
अपनी सीमित की दुनिया
में खुश रहता था,
और फिर पता चल एक दिन
वो बच्चा आज्ञाकारी
बड़ा हो गया |

– दलवीर सिंह ‘सहर’

Who is a Writer!

We keep on reading daily either in the newspapers, books, novels, blogs, or places where stories, poems and compositions are written.

I believe, the very reader who is reading the articles, stories is also a writer, a creator, in his own ways, who is at that moment writing it too in his/her thoughts.

I believe, we must try to write our thoughts, it can be poem, poetry or a prose or a story. It can be anything. That will always be a Great start.

How do we write, right?

Well believe me whatever we write is right in its own league. Do not get bothered by this struggle of writing right. Just write.

So, start with your first thoughts and just record it on the paper.


Dalveer Singh ‘Sehar’